The following price list is only indicative. Each work session implies a personalized quote after estimating the duration of the work required as well as a certain number of adjustment variables.

Recording*Sound design/
Half day200€200€NRNRNR
Hour (edits)50€50€50€NRNR
1 trackNRquote300€200€50€
Various tracksNRquotequotequotequote
*except for drums or ensembles (string quartet, etc.)

Depending on the type of work and the customer’s requirements, the price is likely to vary according to :

  • the difficulty of the task (sound design, experimental mixing, etc.)
  • the presence of a cleaning and/or editing session (recording, mixing)
  • the artistic direction (e.g.: regular exchanges with the client)
  • the required gear (hardware, software, sound banks, etc.)
  • the performance of artists (singer, narrator, musician, etc.)
  • the move (field recording)
  • the type of product (advertising, documentary, podcast, video game, etc.)
  • the presence of stem tracks (mastering)