Dart Lab is a proposal of defolklorized and refolklorized folklore, as a place of retro-futuristic and neo-chosified projection. It is also a rendez-vous with dance (Dart Lab – Bal Trad), with an eternal and relative Provence, imagined from natural and synthetic instruments, a balèti under influence, carried by an electronic device, both subtle and determined, offering a transcultural and geolocalized sound network. Dart Lab is the alchemy of collective transes, the forgetting of oneself in the fusional illusion. It is both the rebellious Scottish and the uncomplicated Farandole.

Guillaume Rigaud

  • galoubet-tambourin
  • diatonic accordion
  • hornpipe
  • oboe

Benjamin Melia

  • galoubet-tambourin
  • fife
  • hornpipe

Cyril Délécraz

  • synthesizers
  • boîte à rythmes
  • sound design


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